Tim is delighted to be named Most Outstanding HR Consultant and Conference Speaker 2021. He is passionate about the possibilities created through engaged people harnessing smart technology to transform the world of work. This reward reflects his commitment.

Administered by Corporate Vision Magazine at their industry recognised Corporate Excellence Awards 2021, the awards celebrate leaders within Human Resources and other related industries for their achievements in business growth and innovation. The awards are judged by an in-house panel against a rigorous criterion that analyses businesses’ and individual’s hard work, accomplishments and advancements.

Corporate Vision’s in-house team carefully examine a wide range of resources, including industry journals, company websites, directories, press releases and other published works to curate a list of potential candidates.

Following the initial vetting process, the CV team narrow down the list for inclusion and select their winners. Talking about their process on their website, Corporate Vision note:

‘Criterion and factors our team take into consideration include, but are not limited to – industry experience, previous accolades and recognition, physical and digital presence, client reviews and testimonials, products and services of note, firm developments and extracurricular activities.’

Despite many other qualified candidates, Tim was selected as the final winner for the Most Outstanding HR Consultant and Conference Speaker award due to his expert published works with the Harvard Business Review and outstanding recent book launch of Solving the Productivity Puzzle. Both of which showcased how he is remaining insightful, current and innovative within the Human Resources Industry.

Tim is delighted to have received such an award at the end of what was a pretty tumultuous year in 2020. In the midst of a pandemic, the world of work changed almost in its entirety overnight. Despite multiple furlough schemes and those that unfortunately had to close their business or lose their job, many others were able to not only survive, but thrive; putting together a crisis plan and finding news to work and innovate.

Tim is looking forward to continuing helping businesses navigate and excel in this new world of work in 2021 and beyond. He will continue to share all the experience he has gained from 30 years in HR management consulting and software, using transformative programmes that use engaged people, harnessing the power of smart technology to drive workplace performance and corporate innovation.

To find out exactly why Tim is the worthy winner of the Corporate Vision Award yourself, please get in touch to enquire about his innovative HR Masterclasses or availability for HR Board Advisory.

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