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This is a much-anticipated book and it has been well worth the wait. Tim has a refreshing honesty and optimism about how we can transform our approach to work and all the challenges that it brings.

He has that special ability to be insightful, analytical and fun, all at the same time. I couldn’t put it down – you shouldn’t put it down.

– René Carayol MBE
Leadership & Business Keynote Speaker, Author, Advisor to Chief Executives & Heads of States

Solving the Productivity Puzzle – How People Engagement, Innovation and Performance Will Transform Work (Kogan Page, 2020)

What would the world of work be like if we could turn technology and technological change to our advantage? Use it to match the perfect person to the perfect job; a job that gives purpose, the opportunity to master new things, to drive innovation and improve performance?

Imagine getting the right people, right skills, in the right place at the right time, with the right motivation. People doing jobs they were made for, for organizations they love will be highly engaging and great places to work. Imagine people harnessing smart technology to help them be even more productive than they are today; robots working for us, and with us, to make work more fun and fulfilling.

Demographic and other macro trends are rapidly emerging alongside the latest technology creating a “perfect storm” of new opportunity for people and organizations to transform the world of work. It is there for the taking… if we dare to think and do differently. Solving the Productivity Puzzle, sets out the challenges, but more importantly offers solutions. Let’s solve the productivity puzzle, together!


The author’s six-step workforce analytics process requires clear definition of of business problems and the development of a conceptual model to guide the analysis, and the authors do a masterful job of demonstrating its impact on multiple workforce problems. Anyone interested in workforce analysis will find this work insightful and helpful

– Dave Ulrich, Professor, Ross School of Business, University of Michigan

Calculating Success – How the New Workplace Analytics Will Revitalize Your Organization (Harvard Business Review, 2011)

Most companies today have access to reams of data: marketing, supply chain, finance, as well as critical data about their workforce. Yet research shows that leaders at these companies lack the confidence to effectively integrate and use this data to compete more effectively in the marketplace. While executives know the results they need to achieve, they often fail to analyze the impact of their decisions on the firm, its processes, and its people.

Enter Calculating Success, written by a trio of experts who have spent decades working with companies to more effectively apply human capital data to improve organizational outcomes. Calculating Success shows readers how they can take an analytical approach to both anticipate and address the changes required by a company’s competitive environment and drive superior performance.

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