One of Tim’s hobbies is playing and recording music. Given the advanced state of digital recording technology it has become possible for anyone to develop and record high quality tracks and even entire albums, at home. A great example of technology helping to solve the productivity puzzle!

During the pandemic lockdowns of 2020 and 2021 in the UK, Tim and his bandmate recorded an album of covers, and original music without being in the same location.  Recording in their home studios and sharing the files online. 

Tim can also be found to perform live with his band “Rick + the Machines”. Dates and locations below.

Tim’s band “Rick + the Machines” are playing live this summer. You can see them at (more coming):

Fowey Royal Regatta, Cornwall, Saturday August 21st

Listen to the album… covers and original music

All songs produced, performed and recorded by Tim Ringo and Rick Rogers, 

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