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Tim is a regular contributor to print and digital media. He is also regularly interviewed for his insights on current HR issues and the latest thinking in human capital.  See a list of articles, webinars, and interviews, below.

April 2023, Tim Ringo named to judges panel for UK Employee Experience Awards


Tim’s Latest Media Interviews and Articles

Tim Ringo on Employee Performance & Productivity Challenges in 2022

The Telegraph
Tim’s contribution to an article in the Telegraph on “Pro-tirement”

Avoid the COVID19 crisis mistakes: INVEST MORE in technology and talent, not less

CEO of the future – CHROs increasingly first in line for succession

Productivity: Take aim – on the optimal target

Home hybrid working: Is it a productivity ‘silver bullet’

The Wicked Podcast: video interview with Tim; Solving the Productivity Puzzle – November 2021

Business Confidential Now: How to Reliably Improve Workplace Productivity with Proven Strategies – November 2021

Business Matters – Pandemic PTSD: Company well-being programmes become more important than ever

Business Matters – Getting to Know You: Tim Ringo

Business Matters – What is it like for those who cannot work from home

Business Matters – Improving productivity in the work place during the pandemic era

CEO Today Magazine – Furlough Fatalism: how the hire and fire binge destroys value (and how it can be avoided) – Are We Unnecessarily Limiting the Talent Pool by Requiring University Degrees?

FAST Company – These are Five Skills Your Employees Wish You Had. – How Innovative Learning Programs Support Organizational Change and Prepare Employees and Leaders to Thrive in Change – Seniors and the neurodiverse: 2 pools of exceptional talent you need to cultivate no

Talk Radio Europe – Interview with Tim Ringo: US Elections and his latest book

Talk Radio Europe 05.11.20

Geek Leaders – Solving the Productivity Puzzle with Tim Ringo

WorkPlace Perspective – Improving Productivity With Tim Ringo

Monday Morning Radio – How to Engage, Motivate, and Develop Employees Using Unconventional Thinking

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Book Reviews


Recruiting Future with Matt Alder – Ep 298: The Productivity Puzzle

School for Startups with Jim Beach – Solving the Productivity Puzzle

Solving the Productivity Puzzle with Tim Ringo FCIPD

Recent Articles

Author Tim Ringo Shares His Top 5 Ways To Identify & Retain Fantastic Talent – Authority Magazine

Solving the Productivity Puzzle: Six Questions You Need to Answer, Now  – CEOWORLD

Beyond the pandemic awaits a big opportunity for HR – HR Magazine

The Neurodiverse: an untapped pool of exceptional talent – HR Director Magazine

Don’t Sacrifice Talent To Survive a Crisis

HR Director – Bosses Beware of the 9/11 downturn mistake

Global Banking and Finance Review – Solving the Productivity Puzzle: From Crisis to Transformation Through People Engagement, Innovation & Performance

Gen Y & Z: Take a BREXIT ‘Hit’ (or three) for the Team

Cracking the Productivity Paradox


Kogan Page: Off the Page with Tim Ringo and Gemma Dale

Harvard Business Review Webinar on HR Analytics

How People Engagement, Innovation and Productivity (PEIP) will save the world,Tim Ringo

Press Interviews

Samsung – Next Mobile Economy

People analytics: three ways HR can lead with data

How Workforce Analytics Can Change Your Company

HR Needs Metrics And Analytics To Retain Star Performers Following EU Plans To Widen Bonus Caps

Other Articles

Intelligent Mentoring: How IBM Creates Value Through People, Knowledge, and…

Team for Talent: SuccessFactors and IBM to deliver People/Performance Management to Global Enterprises

Calculating Success: A New Approach to Workforce Analytics

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